who am i.

géraldine, born in nineteen ninety three in marseille then moved to liverpool in two thousand and thirteen but finally have chosen paris since two thousand and fourteen.


grew up with good food at home. my parents are epicureans and our origins plurals: madagascar, belgium, mauritius, reunion island and marseille. my aunt, uncle and cousins are farmers.


my dad is an architect and loves cooking familial feasts: french or marseille specialties, creole curries, madagascar specialities or from another countries.


he transmitted me the passion of capturing moments.

i’ve started photo with nikon® when i was seventeen.

cooking and baking too i think. 

at eighteen i worked for a lifestyle magazine: writing news and photographer assistant.

at nineteen i spent one week in a two michelin stars restaurant with the pastry team: i helped with pré-desserts, mignardises and teatime and took pictures of les coulisses.


always been obsessed with chefs, restaurants and what's going on in the kitchen. playing like a little mouse capturing moments of life without being trapped.

now i'm attracted by produces, seafood, natural wine, sourdough and coffee. i mean, as consumer, but also for the photo shoots.

portrait © alexandre daumur-smith / arocksmith